About T & R

Tackle & Ruck that's us.  A few rugby mad guys looking to feed the passion we and you have. We don't take ourselves too seriously and love a bit of banter and a good laugh.  So what we thought is lets spread the impact and make some cool gear and gifts that you can wear, use and show with pride.  It doesn't matter if you are male, female, English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish or whatever.

The point is to give something for everyone.  Something you can have a laugh over or give the big middle finger to all the diving football fans out there who think money makes a sport.  We know it's passion, pride, commitment and sheer will that makes Rugby Union special.

We select or design everything personally.  Although we like our customers to come up with ideas too and we can make those real for them. Everything is made in the UK and shipped out as the product listing.  If you want anything in particulare then Contact Us.


(Ex centre, second row, flanker, No.8 and even hooker for 5 minutes!)


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