Rewards & Loyalty Scheme

We are delighted to launch our exclusive Tackle & Ruck Rewards & Loyalty Scheme.  This means that whenever you buy something from us, like a Facebook post, like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram you earn points.  Points add up to give you discount vouchers on everything in store (Excluding shipping).

How Do You Earn Tackle & Ruck Reward Points?

First of all you need to create an account (Click here) (You get points for that!)

Second complete all the details on the account (More points) like date of birth etc (We also give Birthday points)

Third you earn points for any of the following:

Tackle & Ruck Reward Points List

Action Points Earned Notes
Create An Account 50  
Completing Your Profile 50  
Place an Order 1 per £1 GBP spent Added after shipping
Birthday Bonus 25 If have account with completed details
Referring friends who place valid order 100  When order shipped
Liking Tackle & Ruck Facebook Page 50  
Become Instagram follower of Tackle & Ruck 25  


What Do You Get For Your Points?

5% coupon 500
10% Coupon 1000
20% Coupon 2500


As soon as you have enough points we will email you with the coupon codes to use at any time (Not valid with other discount codes though).

Every time you earn more points we will let you know your running total as well

So Create an Account now and start earning your points and Discounts



If you cancel an order then we reserve the right to remove earned points from your total when teh goods are returned.