FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the comonly asked questions below. Hey it's likely you can find what you want to know.  Could save you a lot of time.  We are always adding more as we go.


How long will my order take to arrive?

We ship worldwide.

On average we have found delivery takes up to 7-10 working days (UK) and up to 3 weeks for Europe and International,  but it depends on the item and the location.  Longer times are usually down to the  Royal Mail service. We try to put shipping times on the individual products.  Obviously personalised or 'made to order' items can take longer as they are unique.  A lot of our great products are handmade so take a little longer but you get a unique gift. We will always try to let you know if there are any delays, such as over Bank Holidays.

Generally shipping takes place c.2 working days after order depending on the time of day it is placed.  All items are printed on demand.  All items are shipped First Class Signed for unless the individual listing says different

Why arent all the items I ordered in one package?

We source our products widely in the UK to get the best deal and best quality for our valued customers.  Sometimes that means they can come from different suppliers direct to you as soon as possible for each item.  Its similar to Amazon and other companies.

My order hasn't arrived and the shipping time has expired?

Contact us we will sort out what is happening and contact you to get you your order tout suite.  Sometimes delays are out of our control once shipped but we will update you on any tracking information if needed to help.

I am not happy with my order

This does happen on rare occasion.  First of all you should Contact Us telling us the problem or issue.  We can usually sort things out that way quicker.  If you want a refund then you should take a look at our Refund & Returns policy first.


Can I get any of your stuff custom made with my own slogan?

Hell yes!.  Drop me a line and tell me what you want.  I will get back to you as soon as possible


I try to keep these as low as possible.  You will find that even for the lowest cost you can have several items shipped to you.  All deliveries are by 1st Class Signed For post in the UK. We ship by weigh so it means you more you order the better value you can get.

As an example a T-shirt generally weighs around 150g and a hoodie about 250g.

UK Shipping:

Light Shipping (0.0 kg – 0.5 kg) - £3.00
Light/Medium Shipping (0.501 kg – 1.0 kg) -£6.00
Medium Shipping (1.001 kg – 2.5 kg) - £9.00
Heavy/Parcel Shipping (2.5 kg – 10.0 kg) -£12.00
Europe Standard Shipping
Light European Shipping (0.0 kg – 0.3kg) -£5.00
Medium European Shipping (0.3kg – 1kg) -£10.00
Medium Heavy European Shipping (1kg - 2.5kg) - £17.50
Heavy European Shipping (2.5 kg – 5.0 kg) -£25.00
Rest Of World
International Light Shipping (0kg – 0.3kg) - £10.00
International Light Shipping (0.3kg – 1kg) - £12.00
International Light Shipping (1kg – 2.5kg) - £20.00
International Light Shipping (2.5kg – 5kg) - £30.00

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